Asia Voight

Animal Communicator & Intuitive Life Guide

I have been communicating with animals, nature, and spirit-beings since I was four years old, when I started speaking with a Golden Retriever who lived in the neighborhood. So often I see the relationship between animals and their people suffer because of a simple lack of communication.

I work with animals and people all over the world, and am committed to helping all beings achieve an incredible connection of support, understanding, and love.

Increase your intuition, save on veterinary bills, lengthen the life of your animal companions, and create health and well-being for your entire family!

Does your cat or dog seem a little “off”, and no one can tell you why? Animals are far more intuitive than we give them credit for being, and they’ll often internalize emotions much like people do. But because we can’t speak their language (they can speak much more of ours), we don’t always understand their pains, fears, and frustrations. Through our sessions, you’ll be able to understand your pet and yourself at a much higher level, and your relationship will deepen that much more.

Is your cat peeing in the house, or your dog barking whenever you’re away? Many common problems like this are attributed to “anxiety,” or “territorial behavior,” and are assumed to be natural. Not necessarily. Most of the time, your pet is trying to tell you something in the only way they know how. Once you know the reason why your pet is acting out, you can address the underlying issue. Remember, our pets don’t always tell us what we want to hear – but they’ll tell us honestly and with love.

Are you grieving over an animal that has passed over? I know the heartbreak of losing a loving companion, and I understand the desire to communicate with lost loved ones. If you have an unresolved concern you’d like to address, I’ll contact your pet and give you the opportunity of sharing your feelings.

When you’re ready to strengthen your relationship with your dog, cat, horse, or any other pet, click here to schedule an appointment with me.

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Asia-and-Dr-Steven-Farmer200x229I had the pleasure recently of co-presenting a workshop with Asia. I found Asia to be quite gifted in her specialty doing accurate intuitive readings.
Dr. Steven Farmer

Deb and Zeke

Zeke, my best canine friend can comfortably ride in the car for the first time in years. After one talk with Asia, which was filled with the incredible true details about Zeke’s challenging past, (Zeke told her, not me) his demeanor softened and he could finally relax. Asia told Zeke he was now safe and in his forever home. It worked, I could see her message went into his heart and we are now closer than ever.

I’ve been watching Asia work at the Fox Valley Humane Association and for years have heard her students and clients rave about her: accurate, incredible teacher, warm and funny speaker, authentic, filled with integrity and kindness…all positive feedback, I’m glad I finally jumped in, and so is Zeke.
Deb Lewis, Director of the Fox Valley Humane Association for 26 years

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